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Moguls in the Making: Alexandria Baum

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Happy Tuesday darlings! It’s super gloomy outside but I have an Entrepreneur to tell you about that will brighten your day. Not only can this young lady dress but she is responsible for the alignment of some of your favorite brands around the glove. This weeks mogul highlight is Alexandria Baum. She is the co-Founder of the creative agency Xxcreativ . I came across the beauties page on my weekly IG search. Immediately I was drawn to her because she has a drive that unhinged. Then secondly because of her consistency. From observation it’s apparent that Alexandria has a blueprint for anyone looking to tap into the Public relations, management space. Let’s take a look at how she got her start, and why being a creative is so important to her.


Tell Us Why You Started Your Business/Started Your Profession?

My goal alongside my business partner, was to develop a hybrid agency that encompassed marketing, public relations, social media, content creation, brand management and production/activations in a CREATIV way, to expand our client's portfolio and business(es).

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

We are not just focused on one area of our client's brand. With the ever evolving landscape of media and advertising, we found it very important to touch all aspects of a client's brand to build out unique and effective campaigns particularly within lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment and sports industries.

Who motivates and Inspires You?

There are a lot of people and things that inspire/motivate me on a daily basis, but my family - particularly mi Madre y Abuelita - are a constant motivator in my life. Both were single Mother's who built a solid foundation, allowing me to explore and become the independent woman I am today.

What Obstacles Have Your Had to Overcome While Running Your Business?

There are so many obstacles to face in business...especially as a woman of color! LOL I think the biggest obstacle thus far has been tuning out my own self-doubt and negative energy of others. People will always have something to say and it's easy to start doubting your abilities...but don't! You have to consistently remind yourself that you would not have gotten this far if you weren't good at what you do.

What Does Latin Beauty Mean To You?

To me, Latinas are some of the most beautiful and strongest women in the world. Growing up, you didn't see a lot of Latinas in mainstream pop culture/media so, it's exciting to see us represented in beauty, fashion, entertainment and business today.

What are the 3 Core Values of Your Business Model? and Why?

Strategize. Execute. Integrity. All three of these are important for many reasons beginning with a strategic plan. It's not smart to go into any business or client endeavor blindly...research and strategize effectively so, you know what you're talking about and are ahead of the trends. Execution is probably one of the most, if not the most important, part of business in my mind. While strategizing and talking a good business game is great, your hustle is what will determine your success. Unfortunately, 'almost' doesn't count...especially to clients. Integrity...this is something I personally feel is lacking in a lot of people I've encountered in may career over the years. In an era of 'Google' and 'Social Media,' how people perceive you both personally and professionally can effect your business...and ultimately your coin. I've always prided myself on being a woman of integrity and standing firm for what I believe in.

How Do You Overcome Fear?

I feel the best way to overcome fear is to face it straight on, no matter what it is. While it can be scary and/or intimidating, I always feel a sense of relief once I've conquered something that I once feared.

What Message Do You Have For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Whatever you love to that!

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