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Moguls in the Making: Tonii Gorgeous


LOS ANGELES- Another week, another amazing person to highlight. This week we highlight a fearless artist by the name of Tonii Gorgeous. I actually met Toni Gorgeous at the launch of Latina Beauty Matters. Let’s, just say her wig was snatched, ( great quality hair ) and her face was beat to the gawds. I literally remember asking her if I could feel her hair because it was moving so bomb! So I wanted you to get to know more about her and her journey as a makeup artist.

Tell Us Why You Started Your Business/Started Your Profession?


As a kid I use to watch ANTM and the makeover episodes were my favorite. Ever since then I feel in love with the beauty industry it gives you the power to transform your self and others.

Who motivates and Inspires You?

I look for inspiration in everything that I do. Working with artist the lyrics in music inspired my ideas. Working in LA getting to see all the art and the different people gives me my inspiration. Also my family inspires me to do better and achieve more.

What Obstacles Have Your Had to Overcome While Running Your Business?

I would say it would be pushing my self to stay inspired. Even when I’m not, also spreading the word of my own business as a makeup artist word of mouth is amazing advertising. Not having others believe in you but that is when you have to push your self and remind yourself how amazing you are.

What Does Latin Beauty Mean To You?

To me Latina beauty means being strong loving and caring.. that beauty in your heart shines so much more than any lipstick can.

What are the 3 Core Values of Your Business Model? and Why?

1) Great customer service- when you give amazing service to your clients and they will tell all of their fiends.

2) Great artistry and passion - When u love what you do you never work.

3) Loyalty -  Be loyal to your clients to the people to have helped you grow your business

What Message Do You Have For Emerging Entrepreneurs?

Make an plan and go for it.. right now don’t wait cause time fly’s

To keep up with Tonii connect with him on Instagram   @tonii_gorgeous