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Moguls in the Making: Elaine Rau


Welcome to the first ever recipient of the our weekly Moguls in the Making spotlight. The goal of this series is to spotlight Latin men and women who are making a difference in the community and have built brands or have went into professions where they can be a light and positive example for our youth.

This weeks pick is Elaine Rau. Elaine is the founder of the women’s empowerment site Ladybossblogger. With more than 150,000 subscribers to her site, she is proven that hard work and dedication truly yields results. Take a look at her story.

Tell Us Why You Started LadyBossBlogger?

I started it out of necessity. I had just quit my job, moved overseas to a third world country and was jobless, close to broke, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided to start a blog and interview the people I wanted to become, female entrepreneurs, so I could learn from them.

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

I feature the WHO behind the BRAND and elevate the every day woman who is working hard on making her dreams her reality. I am filling the internet with stories of normal women and their journeys towards success to motivate and inspire other women to do the same.

What Obstacles Have Your Had to Overcome While Running Your Business?

When I started out I had zero confidence and would accommodate everyone and work for nothing. Now that I've been in business for two years, I have finally started valuing myself and my time and this comes from becoming more confident. However ironically, now that I stand my ground and say "no" to things that don't align with my goals, not everyone respects that I have boundaries. As a business owner, you have to learn how to walk the fine line between being accommodating and being a push over and it's not always easy to navigate.

What are the 3 Core Values of Your Business Model? and Why?

1. Passion 2. Empathy 3. Innovation. You must be passionate about what you're doing in order to care or have empathy for the people you're serving and you must constantly be ready to pivot, change and innovate. We are living in a time where it's incredibly easy to get into business, so there is a ton of passion and empathy in the market, but little innovation from large companies which is why online businesses are slowly taking over. You MUST be willing to change with the times or get left behind.

How Do You Overcome Fear?

To overcome fear you must understand it. What exactly are you afraid of? I was terrified of being recorded just 6 months ago. I had to force myself to be in situations that were uncomfortable in order to become comfortable with it. The first step I took was I accepted 3 online video interviews instead of turning them down, which ironically made me more comfortable with podcasts. Then I signed up to be a speaker at various events and panels which forced me to speak in front of hundreds of people. However I was still terrified of being recorded? So I reached out to my email list to see if they would go on Instagram Live with me, a day later I was booked out for a month and after that month I got over my fear of being on video. Having an audience in person then online that gave me incredible feedback was the confidence boost I needed to get over my fear of video. Who would have known I would be speaking in front of hundreds of people before I would be able to record myself in my own room?

What Does Latin Beauty Mean To You?

Beauty means learning about and embracing who you are at your core, who you were designed to be as well as who you're becoming. Self discovery is something that happens as you grow, it's a continual process that you must keep up with. Beauty is confidence that is unbreakable because it isn't dependent on what other people say, rather it's what you believe about yourself and from that inner power your confidence radiates and shines through to how you present yourself externally which is what makes you beautiful.

What Message Do You Have For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Learn about your habits, get rid of ones that don't serve you and create new and effective ones that do. When are you most alert and ready to work? Set a schedule to accommodate yourself. Do you work best at home? In a coffee shop? Do you have a designated work space? Learn what works best for you. What does self care look like to you? To me it's getting massages, to you it may be taking a yoga class or eating out. Figure out what relaxes you. Keep learning about yourself and how to best optimize your time and energy.

To keep up with Elaine check out her website