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Moguls in the Making: Veronica Brown


Happy Tuesday Darlings! Today we highlight fashion blogger Veronica Brown. She is the Founder of, a blog site that shares the stories of creatives around the globe. Veronica is Afro-Latina. She is strong and beautiful and represents a sub-division of Latina’s who are overlooked and judged by the color of their skin and texture of their hair. She lives above the stereotypes and choses to lift up others instead.

Tell Us Why You Started Your Business/Started Your Profession?

I started my career as a social media influencer because when I was younger I didn’t have anyone that looked like me to looked up to. No one embraced curly hair, curves, or skin like mines and I wanted to be sure I was able to help others shine as I wanted to shine.

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

My brand is all about finding yourself and rediscovering your true potential. Being true to your talents & dreams and making sure that you do whatever it takes to get there.

Who motivates and Inspires You?

My greatest inspirations are Iris Beilin @IrisBeilin, Charmaine @Thebyb, and Maya Washington @ShamelessMaya they inspire me to continue my passions and just doing what I love.

What Obstacles Have Your Had to Overcome While Running Your Business?

Obstacles, where aren’t the obstacles? Coming up with ideas to stay fresh & relevant is the hugest obstacle! Being aware of the skin your in & maintaining your ground while doing all you can to represent the best you can be. It’s a hard work, this career & you must be willing to sacrifice time to get what you need done after your 9-5 or even during it if you are not where you want to be yet.


What Does Latin Beauty Mean To You?

Latin Beauty means living and embracing the beautiful skin I was raised in. It’s not picking sides or being told to pick a piece of me. I am a proud Latina with African Decent and I plan on embracing that for the rest of my life.

What are the 3 Core Values of Your Business Model? and Why?

Being true to who you are. Fighting for what you feel is right. And most of all, having fun!

How Do You Overcome Fear?

I over come fear by doing whatever I’m most afraid to do. Life is about taking risk! We must learn to live it all.

What Message Do You Have For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Keep going, do not give up! It’s going to be so worth it! START NOW - if you haven’t ;)